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MSI Services started with 2 sourcing team members in 2006, predominately on ensuring quality & material shipped from India meets MSI and Market standards, with the objective of having MSI’s value chain focus on core business and moving all the support services required to an offshore location, the idea of MSI Services came to certainty. It was our CEO Mr. Manu Shah’s vision and persistence of the idea that shaped MSI Services from being a small service unit for the company to a becoming the organization’s biggest competitive advantage.

MSI Services over the years has advanced through various phases of the industry and with the changing times moved from a contact centre to a round-the-clock support centre.

MSI is built on a foundation of innovation, inclusivity, diversity, and a commitment to sustainable practices. Our unique service model, collaboration with service partners and a culture of adaptability allow us to provide quality service to our stake holders, every day, we bring a service attitude to work, looking for new ways to improve upon our customer support. These values have helped us create a great place to work.

With a precise, state-of-the-art management system, the company liaisons between vendors and customers with information related to purchase, stock on hand, customer orders and Imports.

The IT team at MSI services employs the most advanced technology obtainable, to unify the system and to provide supply chain visibility. The system helps enable multi-user capability in a network with over 75O terminals. We have also developed custom web based portals for customers depending on their needs processing and fulfilment seamlessly in real time. It accurately delivers information related to distribution management, order processing, status, and delivery scheduling.

Stock Check System

The stock-check system that allows you to track expected arrival dates


web access

The IT department also created website access for direct container shipment

24/7 Service

Keeping the Sales, Product, and Service teams within reach round the clock


MSI Services provides salespeople with accurate, real time information on inventory, availability, and pricing

The IT systems at MSI assists in the following:

Managing detailed distribution management that allows for transparent inventory sharing across all branches

Equipping slabs with Radio Frequency Identification “RFID” system

Current and back orders can easily be checked using the proprietary tracking system

With our proprietary customer portal, you can receive immediate information related to stock on hand, order updates, and expected arrival data. We offer an EDI interface for convenient billing/purchasing where required. We manage our supplier chain with a proprietary vendor portal, which allows us to interact seamlessly and in real time with over 700 vendor partners in 36 countries.